Crowned by Mount Kilimanjaro,Africa’s highest peak,the Amboseli National Reserve is one of the most popular parks in Kenya.The name amboseli means “salty dust” an apt description of the parks parched conditions.Amboseli’s dusty conditions came about as a result of the ancient volcanic eruptions on Mount Kilimanjaro which later turned into ash.

The park covers a mere 392 kilometres(244miles) despite its small size and the fragility of it’s ecosystem,it still manages to house more than 650 elephants,400 species of prolific birds,hundreds of wildebeest,zebras ,Impala and if lucky you will also see the endangered black Rhino aswell as the elusive Cheetah.damara-zebra-equus-burchelli-mutual-260nw-746307739DSC02956Elephants_at_Amboseli_national_park_against_Mount_Kilimanjaroamboseli-national-parkAmboseli is easily accessible since Jomo Kenyatta is 240kilometres south east of Nairobi close to the border of Tanzania.This is the only place a tourist can explore five different habitats ranging from the dried up bed of lake Amboseli,wetlands with sulphur springs,the savannah and woodlands.One can also visit the maasai community who share the park with the wildlife and get to learn their authentic culture.

With its rugged landscape and the romantic, mystical atmosphere of the great mountain looming above, it is no wonder that Amboseli inspired the big-game-hunting tales of Ernest Hemingway and Robert Ruark.The presence of Mount Kilimanjaro creates a unique selection of ecosystem found nowhere else on earth.

The best time to visit the park is during summer,atleast during the dry season you will be able to tour the park and see the beautiful wildlife and nature found in the park without worrying bout the heavy rainfall that is mostly experienced in that part of the country.The climatic pendulum can swing from draught to flood,in the 1990’s ceaseless rain changed Amboseli into a swamp.Afew years later the rains failed and the grass-covered plains turned into dust.The park is sorrounded by Maasai community who live there and always put up a fence around their homes which are also called “manyattas”in their native language,to protect themselves from the wildlife.Various sprigs,swamps and marshes in the park provide havens for the wildlife.

Master the Mind & You Will be the Master of YOUR Mind.


a9968d877fa0fe8e7ceaca220a6ab5c8.jpg“Everything that has shown up in your life is a direct reflection of the like minded thoughts you choose to entertain about yourself. Some of the thoughts that you have created about yourself is the result of who you currently are. You must always know that regardless of where you or anyone else is in life there is a golden rule: Those who thrive see themselves thriving. They operate in a strong belief in God and the gift God gave them. When there is a anobvious truth and belief about what you deserve and who you are in preparing for what you deserve, you ALWAYS get more than what you ask for.ALWAYS. Belief in yourself doesn’t stop at a certain age or because of a life changing event. Having the self confidence to get what belongs to you and believing that regardless of how long it will take…

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Kenya is no doubt a beautiful country endowed with breathtaking and magical scenery. In my years of growing up, I had an opportunity to extensively tour different parts of Kenya and witness a couple of natural wonders and unparalled beauty. I spent a good part of my earlier years in Kenya’s capital Nairobi and only heard about Mombasa until late junior school when the chance finally presented itself for me to visit and have a first-hand account of what the city had to offer.

Mombasa is located in the South Eastern Part of Kenya bordering the Indian Ocean and is a city of different faces. As Kenya’s second largest city, the city hosts a major seaport, international airport and a wide variety of tourist attractions.

During my first visit i got to see and experience so many things that i never imagined i would ever see in my life.I stayed there for almost a week which according to me was very short since i had not explored the whole city and everything the city had to offer,to be honest when the time came for me to leave i was reluctant but i had to.Just like any other visitor would expect Mombasa city was spectacular and during my subsequent visit i came to truly appreciate it’s diverse culture and appealing weather.



It’s much more difficult for people who visit Mombasa for the first time to navigate around the city since most of the streets and alleys are unmarked.However,there are plenty of Rickshaws which are also called “TukTuks” in swahili,they are cheaper compared to the buses and can help you get to your point of destination without struggling to much.One more thing that really fascinated me about the city was the hot and humid climate which is experienced throughout most of the year.For visitors who are not used to this kind of weather have so much adjusting to do once they visit the beautiful city.

Moi Avenue is one of the many cities in Mombasa and it’s popular for the giant tusks which cross each other on one of the main roads just afew kilometres from the airport.As you cruise along the Moi Avenue main road you will also notice numerous eateries,tour firms,shopping stalls,car dealers,banks and runs all the way to the docks.


Nkurumah road begins at the holy Ghost Cathedral Catholic Church junction and sneaks its way thro the city centre all the way to the Fort Jesus.This road is one of the most loved road since it leads you straight to one of the most historic building in Mombasa which is Fort Jesus.


Fort Jesus is an ancient building which was built 100 of years ago by the Arabs,it acted as a prison for the slaves who were captured by the Arabs and looked up before transportation to other regions.The Arabs gained entry into the coastal region through the Indian Ocean and their main intention was to trade with the locals.Since they had superior weapons compared to the residents who were leaving there at that time,they were able to control the coast and even force the locals into labour without paying them a single cent.

Digo road is one of Mombasa busiest streets and links the Central Business District which is(the central part of Mombasa) with the North Coast.While taking a stroll in this beautiful street you will notice Open air Swahili food joints,fast foods joints,post office as well as several public bus stations for those travelling to Northern coast of Mombasa

The North Coast is the most vibrant part of the city with breathtaking beaches,Parks,leisure spots and neighbourhoods.

Nyali bridge which is also found in the Northen part of Mombasa contains some of the major attractions such as Nyali,Shanzu and Bamburi beaches that hold several sea side resorts.

This is the only bridge that links the Northen Coast and Mombasa Island.This is also one of the few places in Mombasa with so many activities as well as scenic sites to enjoy such as;Mamba Village Crocodile Park,Haller Park and Mombasa Marine Park top of the list for famous must visit spots.Haller Park used to be a Limestone Quarry until recently when it was changed and transformed into a place where people can come and see the Hippos,have picknicks since it’s very calm and peaceful and also enjoy riding bikes in the forest.Marine Park is one of the most beautiful and spectacular part of Mombasa with so many activities,i had a chance to do diving and also watch the beautiful marine life.

Old Town is strategically located within the city centre,the architecture is ancient with predominant Swahili and portuguese influence.The sweet Melody from the birds,narrow winding streets and strong cultural influence summarize the enchanting beauty of the old town.This is the best place to shop for souvenirs and also get to interact with the Swahili and Arabs who inhabit the place,inorder to get a real feel and experience of living in such an ancient and historic place

The South Coast is known for Diani Beach which is rated as one of the best beaches in the world.The hotels in this place are mind blowing,the pistine white sandy beaches are a sight to behold not forgetting the peace and tranquility in this particular place.The south is connected via the Likoni Ferry crossing which contains some of the biggest ferries in the world,big enough to carry hundreds of passengers and cars.


Most people in the world have a strong desire to explore the deepest confines of the world. Unfortunately, many people are unable to do so due to financial constraints or because ‘it would be a waste of time’. However, the truth is that travel can have an incredible impact on your life. Don’t take my word for it though, even science can back me up on this!

I always wondered why people travelled so far and wasted so much time doing nothing in the name of relaxing and vacations,until i started travelling within my own home country.This really changed my perspective on how i viewed life and people,you cant imagine what some people go through in some regions just to earn a living and take care of their families until you travel and experience.images (3)africageneralsmall6One of the many things i really liked about travelling was that this is the best way to test yourself in terms of confidence and self esteem.It’s not always easy to travel and stay in an unfamiliar place where nobody knows you,you are likely to face so many challenges which come with a greater reward on the long run.Imagine if you travelled to a place where they speak a different language from the one you know or used to,you will still have to find your way around by trying to talk to people and getting to learn their language and once this is achieved you feel amazing and proud of yourself.

Travelling is the best way to learn and experience life since it exposes you to so many things that you can actually touch and relate with,compared to being in a classroom where you only get to see pictures and photos.Sometimes we tend to forget things that we’ve been taught in a classroom more often compared to the ones we’ve seen,touched and felt.This happens because travelling is fun and more enjoyable therefore it sticks on our minds.KENYA-NAROK-TOURISM




This is also an opportunity for you to learn different languages and cultures.By learning somebody else’s cultural activities,it opens your mind,You will go back home with different nortions and possibilities,you will develop a wider view,and that will make you a better rounded global citizen.

According to my own observation i discovered that this is the best way to get in touch with yourself.Being in a foreign or unfamiliar place alone gives you time and space to think and that gives you insights into who you are.The foreign experiences also increase both cognitive flexiblity and depth and intergration of thought.This is the ability to make deep connections between desperate forms.




images (5)Life is a journey nobody can live alone therefore it’s necessary to build good relationships between people and strengthen friendships.The best way to do this is by travelling either with friends or family,this helps you to learn and love each other even more since you are both in a foreign place and you need each other more than before.Socializing is also very healthy to a human being,by travelling you are also able to socialize with different people and make new friends.







Conquering a fresh territory is exhilaring and one more reason for people to travel.You are able to relax and rejuvenate by letting sensations like the lapping water and the warmth of the sun,along with the sound of waves recharge your batteries.I usually travel just to escape a little bit from my ever demanding job,this helps my brain to calm down and relax and also create new ideas for my job.I always advice people to create time and travel as much as they can and within their financial capabilities inorder to relax their mind and boost their mood positively which according to physchology helps them live longer.




The 2nd highest Mountain in Africa:Mount Kenya

Mt Kenya is an African Alpine wonderland. This beautiful mountain which straddles the equator was sculpted by glaciers on their way down from the ancient volcanic peaks. The dramatic summits and colossal valleys are dotted with tarns that sit like jewels embedded in Kenya’s crown.

According to history Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa and stands magnificent 5199m(17058 feet) above sea level.It was formed through volcanic eruptions.Gradually,the catered rim eroded to form peaks.The mountain has more than five peaks but out of the five only three peaks have been climbed by human beings since it’s formation.Batian is the highest peak and stands 5199m,Nelion comes second with a height of 5,188m followed by point Lenana 4,985m.

The mountain itself is very grandeur and is sorrounded by a rainforest which houses some of the most exotic and spectacular wild animals such as the elephants,buffalo,monkeys,mammals such as the rock hyrax which are very rare to find.

The rainforest runs circular,about 60km across at the 200m contour,where the steep hills rise out of the gentle slopes of the centred highland.Apart from mountain climbing,one can also be able to view the prolific sunbirds,exotic equatorial high altitude vegetation which make Mount Kenya standout compared to other mountains due to it’s many activities which are a major tourist attraction.The mountain is 180km from the capital city Nairobi in Kenya therefore making more accessible for anyone who wants to explore it.

The temperature within the mountain is subtropical or temperate climate therefore the towns around it experience more rainfall than other parts of the country.Once in the park the are usually three routes used by tourist inoder to reach the highest peak which is Lenana;named after one of the Maasai leaders,a community in Kenya which is mostly found within the tropical rain forest.one of the routes used is NaroMaru route which is very popular among climbers but very crowded as well since it’s the shortest route to point Lenana.Sirimon route is the less popular compared to NaroMaru since it’s longer when it comes to distance,Chogoria route is the least popular aswell as the most scenic and interesting.The route passes through enchanting hall tarns and looks down sheer cliffs into the spectacular Gorges valley and onto the beautiful lake Michelson.As you walk through the route you will notice safari ants columns crossing the track,monkey on trees aswell as elephants tracks.

You would enjoy seeing the elephant tracks but am sure you would not enjoy seeing the elephants standing infront of you,they are some of the most dangerous animals and that is why it’s advisable to find an experienced tour guide during mountain climbing.During the expendition tourists usually have time to rest and relax in different camps as you go higher and higher the mountain.Trek Mount Kenya - When to climb Mt. KenyaFrom a far one can also notice a large temple overhanging buttress overlooking lake Michaelson,close to hall tarns.The best time to climb Mount Kenya is between January and February since there is no rainfall and it’s also the best time to see as the sun sets in the East.There are people who become sick as they climb the mountain which is also a common thing to most climbers and that is why tourists are given tour guides to take care of them.Climbing the mountain helps someone to grow mentally since they are able to experience difficult situations which makes them look at life in a different and positive perspective.It also helps you enjoy nature and appreciate it,i got a chance to climb the mountain a few years ago and i must admit it was the best thing i ever did since it changed my whole life because am able to appreciate nature.


The spectacular wildebeest migration

One fact about the wildebeest migration is about 1.5 wildebeest,zebras and other species of the antelope family make a circular tour around the serengeti plains in Tanzania and the maasai mara in Kenya.January is referred as the carving season where more than 500,000 curves are born.This is also one of the rare occassions where people get an opportunity to witness nature  at it’s best and getting to experience how the wildebeest are able to cross from one country to the other in search of greener pasture,despite the setbacks and challenges they face during the journey.

The African animal exodus begins between January and March in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Conservation area,in Tanzania.The wildebeests are seen grazing on the grassy  serengati plains during the month of January.This is also the month that the dry season begins,as the food starts diminishing and the predators start Lurking in the bushes inorder to hunt for their prey,the wildebeest also start moving towards the mara plains next to lake victoria while they scamper for safety due to the predators waiting for them.

The most notorious of these predators is the lion and Nile crocodile.As the wildebeest head towards the Mara the lion takes its arena in the grassy Mara plains shrouded in the thick grass cover waiting eagerly to catch it’s meal for the day which would be the wildebeest.pexels-photo-145988.jpegApril to July,it is during this time that the wildebeest continue with their journey moving north towards Maasai Mara with the hope of finding greener pastures in that particular area.In their journey they attract the most notorious predators such as the lions,hyenas and cheetahs which follow them closely.lion-pride-in-the-serengeti-tanzania-africa-440x330The best place to view this exercusion is the Serengeti Serena lodge which is the central point of this interesting and captivating migration.

During the month of July to October the wildebeast decide to take on a four month trek towards the Mara River where they will have to cross to reach the lush green grassland in Maasai Mara.The most spectacular and interesting part of this journey begins during the crossing of the Mara River where most ferocious predators such as the crocodiles are found.The crocodile is considered to be the most notorious predator due to it’s aggressiveness in catching it’s prey.crocodiles kill by drawning,it clutches the prey in it’s strong jaws and pulls it beneath the water surface,it ferociously twists and turns its head thus shredding its prey into pieces.


-Crocodiles use their tales as secondary weapons.

-Crocodiles can lunge more than half of its body length out of the water.

Am sure now yu already have an imagination of the kind of danger that lies ahead of the wildebeest as they try to cross the mara river.feat-wildebeest-migration-works4Depending on the amount of rainfall,the point of crossing choosen by the animals is usually shallow enough for the head to cross.The Mara River is usually very deep in some parts of it and has sloppy river banks,hundreds of the wildebeest loose their life when crossing the Mara River especially the young ones.This mostly happens due to attacks from the crocodiles which are on a mission to kill as many wildebeest as possible while some of them die by being swept away by strong river currents or are trampled by the stampede of the other wildebeest as they swim.More than 200,000 wildebeest are seen lying dead on the Mara River each year,which clearly proves that no other predator can outmatch the aggressiveness of crocodiles.Masai-Mara-Migration-pix-620x245After crossing over the Mara River the survivors are able to get to the other side of the country which is Maasai Mara in Kenya where the heard is able to get enough pasture and water.After the wildebeest feel like they have had enough of the pasture and water they can now heard back to the Serengeti and this ussually happens in the month of November.more than 250,000 wildebeest die in this 1,800 mile journey trek,the lost wildebeest are usually recovered in the carving season whereby more than 500,000 culves are produced to continue Kenya’s great “seventh wonder of the world”

Inorder to view the starting point of the wildebeest migration(exodus),Kleins camp and wildlife Lodge are the best places to view it from.feat-wildebeest-migration-works3feat-wildebeest-migration-works2

Nairobi national park

Nairobi national park is one of the few parks that houses some of the most endagered animals such as the white Rhino.It is a park that stands out on its own due to its location which is just a few kilometres from the central business district therefore making it easier and more accessible for people in the city to visit.it is an amazing place to visit and relax since it’s a quite and calm.

  1. It houses more than 400 bird species and atleast 20 of those birds are seasonal european migrants,meaning this is one of the few places a tourist can be able to see almost all types of birds that are found in the world,how amazing is that.I am always excited evrytime am invited by a friend to go and visit the nairobi national park since it’s the only place in the world where i can be able to see and experience the spectacular wildbeast and zebra migration which happens every year making it even more interesting to understand that even animals do travel.It also has spacious accommodating picnic sites and ambience parking making it more convinient for people to spend the night there by either camping or sleeping in the hotel rooms.I was also able to see the ivory burning monument which talks about how important it is to protect the rhinos and discourage the poachers from killing the rhinos because of their ivory and that was when i was able to understand why the white rhino had become an endagered species.

I would recommend the Nairobi national park for all the animal lovers out there because this the only place where you can be sure that yu will not be disappointed due to their first class services right from the transport to the accomodation.For me i chose to camp in the middle of a well secured forest where my friends and i made a huge bonefire and sat around the fire while we socialized and enjoyed our drinks,nairobi national park created beautiful memories in me which am sure i will never forget and triggered sth in me which made realize how much i loved wild animals.