Nairobi national park

Nairobi national park is one of the few parks that houses some of the most endagered animals such as the white Rhino.It is a park that stands out on its own due to its location which is just a few kilometres from the central business district therefore making it easier and more accessible for people in the city to is an amazing place to visit and relax since it’s a quite and calm.

  1. It houses more than 400 bird species and atleast 20 of those birds are seasonal european migrants,meaning this is one of the few places a tourist can be able to see almost all types of birds that are found in the world,how amazing is that.I am always excited evrytime am invited by a friend to go and visit the nairobi national park since it’s the only place in the world where i can be able to see and experience the spectacular wildbeast and zebra migration which happens every year making it even more interesting to understand that even animals do travel.It also has spacious accommodating picnic sites and ambience parking making it more convinient for people to spend the night there by either camping or sleeping in the hotel rooms.I was also able to see the ivory burning monument which talks about how important it is to protect the rhinos and discourage the poachers from killing the rhinos because of their ivory and that was when i was able to understand why the white rhino had become an endagered species.

I would recommend the Nairobi national park for all the animal lovers out there because this the only place where you can be sure that yu will not be disappointed due to their first class services right from the transport to the accomodation.For me i chose to camp in the middle of a well secured forest where my friends and i made a huge bonefire and sat around the fire while we socialized and enjoyed our drinks,nairobi national park created beautiful memories in me which am sure i will never forget and triggered sth in me which made realize how much i loved wild animals.


6 thoughts on “Nairobi national park

  1. Hey, I am a fan of wildlife exploration, hence why I always watch National Geographic. You are off to a great start, my only recommendations are that you capitalize the name of places (Serengeti) for example. Also, try to have consistency in the size of the pictures you use.Maybe try to use the same alignment (left, center, right) for all your images, it gives a cleaner look. I am right along with you for the journey. I hope to see you over at my blog sometimes. I can always use feedback to improve my work, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the post comments on my blog.


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