The 2nd highest Mountain in Africa:Mount Kenya

Mt Kenya is an African Alpine wonderland. This beautiful mountain which straddles the equator was sculpted by glaciers on their way down from the ancient volcanic peaks. The dramatic summits and colossal valleys are dotted with tarns that sit like jewels embedded in Kenya’s crown.

According to history Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa and stands magnificent 5199m(17058 feet) above sea level.It was formed through volcanic eruptions.Gradually,the catered rim eroded to form peaks.The mountain has more than five peaks but out of the five only three peaks have been climbed by human beings since it’s formation.Batian is the highest peak and stands 5199m,Nelion comes second with a height of 5,188m followed by point Lenana 4,985m.

The mountain itself is very grandeur and is sorrounded by a rainforest which houses some of the most exotic and spectacular wild animals such as the elephants,buffalo,monkeys,mammals such as the rock hyrax which are very rare to find.

The rainforest runs circular,about 60km across at the 200m contour,where the steep hills rise out of the gentle slopes of the centred highland.Apart from mountain climbing,one can also be able to view the prolific sunbirds,exotic equatorial high altitude vegetation which make Mount Kenya standout compared to other mountains due to it’s many activities which are a major tourist attraction.The mountain is 180km from the capital city Nairobi in Kenya therefore making more accessible for anyone who wants to explore it.

The temperature within the mountain is subtropical or temperate climate therefore the towns around it experience more rainfall than other parts of the country.Once in the park the are usually three routes used by tourist inoder to reach the highest peak which is Lenana;named after one of the Maasai leaders,a community in Kenya which is mostly found within the tropical rain of the routes used is NaroMaru route which is very popular among climbers but very crowded as well since it’s the shortest route to point Lenana.Sirimon route is the less popular compared to NaroMaru since it’s longer when it comes to distance,Chogoria route is the least popular aswell as the most scenic and interesting.The route passes through enchanting hall tarns and looks down sheer cliffs into the spectacular Gorges valley and onto the beautiful lake Michelson.As you walk through the route you will notice safari ants columns crossing the track,monkey on trees aswell as elephants tracks.

You would enjoy seeing the elephant tracks but am sure you would not enjoy seeing the elephants standing infront of you,they are some of the most dangerous animals and that is why it’s advisable to find an experienced tour guide during mountain climbing.During the expendition tourists usually have time to rest and relax in different camps as you go higher and higher the mountain.Trek Mount Kenya - When to climb Mt. KenyaFrom a far one can also notice a large temple overhanging buttress overlooking lake Michaelson,close to hall tarns.The best time to climb Mount Kenya is between January and February since there is no rainfall and it’s also the best time to see as the sun sets in the East.There are people who become sick as they climb the mountain which is also a common thing to most climbers and that is why tourists are given tour guides to take care of them.Climbing the mountain helps someone to grow mentally since they are able to experience difficult situations which makes them look at life in a different and positive perspective.It also helps you enjoy nature and appreciate it,i got a chance to climb the mountain a few years ago and i must admit it was the best thing i ever did since it changed my whole life because am able to appreciate nature.



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