Kenya is no doubt a beautiful country endowed with breathtaking and magical scenery. In my years of growing up, I had an opportunity to extensively tour different parts of Kenya and witness a couple of natural wonders and unparalled beauty. I spent a good part of my earlier years in Kenya’s capital Nairobi and only heard about Mombasa until late junior school when the chance finally presented itself for me to visit and have a first-hand account of what the city had to offer.

Mombasa is located in the South Eastern Part of Kenya bordering the Indian Ocean and is a city of different faces. As Kenya’s second largest city, the city hosts a major seaport, international airport and a wide variety of tourist attractions.

During my first visit i got to see and experience so many things that i never imagined i would ever see in my life.I stayed there for almost a week which according to me was very short since i had not explored the whole city and everything the city had to offer,to be honest when the time came for me to leave i was reluctant but i had to.Just like any other visitor would expect Mombasa city was spectacular and during my subsequent visit i came to truly appreciate it’s diverse culture and appealing weather.



It’s much more difficult for people who visit Mombasa for the first time to navigate around the city since most of the streets and alleys are unmarked.However,there are plenty of Rickshaws which are also called “TukTuks” in swahili,they are cheaper compared to the buses and can help you get to your point of destination without struggling to much.One more thing that really fascinated me about the city was the hot and humid climate which is experienced throughout most of the year.For visitors who are not used to this kind of weather have so much adjusting to do once they visit the beautiful city.

Moi Avenue is one of the many cities in Mombasa and it’s popular for the giant tusks which cross each other on one of the main roads just afew kilometres from the airport.As you cruise along the Moi Avenue main road you will also notice numerous eateries,tour firms,shopping stalls,car dealers,banks and runs all the way to the docks.


Nkurumah road begins at the holy Ghost Cathedral Catholic Church junction and sneaks its way thro the city centre all the way to the Fort Jesus.This road is one of the most loved road since it leads you straight to one of the most historic building in Mombasa which is Fort Jesus.


Fort Jesus is an ancient building which was built 100 of years ago by the Arabs,it acted as a prison for the slaves who were captured by the Arabs and looked up before transportation to other regions.The Arabs gained entry into the coastal region through the Indian Ocean and their main intention was to trade with the locals.Since they had superior weapons compared to the residents who were leaving there at that time,they were able to control the coast and even force the locals into labour without paying them a single cent.

Digo road is one of Mombasa busiest streets and links the Central Business District which is(the central part of Mombasa) with the North Coast.While taking a stroll in this beautiful street you will notice Open air Swahili food joints,fast foods joints,post office as well as several public bus stations for those travelling to Northern coast of Mombasa

The North Coast is the most vibrant part of the city with breathtaking beaches,Parks,leisure spots and neighbourhoods.

Nyali bridge which is also found in the Northen part of Mombasa contains some of the major attractions such as Nyali,Shanzu and Bamburi beaches that hold several sea side resorts.

This is the only bridge that links the Northen Coast and Mombasa Island.This is also one of the few places in Mombasa with so many activities as well as scenic sites to enjoy such as;Mamba Village Crocodile Park,Haller Park and Mombasa Marine Park top of the list for famous must visit spots.Haller Park used to be a Limestone Quarry until recently when it was changed and transformed into a place where people can come and see the Hippos,have picknicks since it’s very calm and peaceful and also enjoy riding bikes in the forest.Marine Park is one of the most beautiful and spectacular part of Mombasa with so many activities,i had a chance to do diving and also watch the beautiful marine life.

Old Town is strategically located within the city centre,the architecture is ancient with predominant Swahili and portuguese influence.The sweet Melody from the birds,narrow winding streets and strong cultural influence summarize the enchanting beauty of the old town.This is the best place to shop for souvenirs and also get to interact with the Swahili and Arabs who inhabit the place,inorder to get a real feel and experience of living in such an ancient and historic place

The South Coast is known for Diani Beach which is rated as one of the best beaches in the world.The hotels in this place are mind blowing,the pistine white sandy beaches are a sight to behold not forgetting the peace and tranquility in this particular place.The south is connected via the Likoni Ferry crossing which contains some of the biggest ferries in the world,big enough to carry hundreds of passengers and cars.



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